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VivaBook- stories brought to life


Around the World with Lilup and Nickelby Swift $2.99 for a Limited Time!

VivaBook Apps on Sale for iPad 2 Launch

The iPad 2 came out Friday and to celebrate
VivaBook apps are going on sale for a limited time.

Now you can get Nickelby Swift, Kitten Catastrophe or Around the World with Lilup for $2.99! That's nearly half off the regular $4.99.
Find more information on each VivaBook app below.

Or click either app to view it in iTunes.

Nickelby Swift, Kitten Catastrophe Around the World with Lilup

Nickelby Swift, Kitten Catastrophe

Nickelby Swift is a zany, playful interactive book for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Nickelby has a penchant for mischief and his efforts to help Dr. Kafruganegel lead to mishap after mishap. The story is filled with fun sound effects and the wonderful voice talent of native Santa Cruzan Ruth Copland. Click HERE to find out more.

Around the World with Lilup

Around the World with Lilup is the ideal bedtime story for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Join Lilup as he floats effortlessly around the globe meeting a motley crew of creatures on each continent. Readers can tilt, touch, and move the iPad to make animals move around in whimsical ways. Lilup has a soothing soundtrack and the melodious voice of Ruth Copland. Click HERE to find out more.

Click the image above to see the VivaBook video showing the Lilup and Nickelby apps in action!
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VivaBook Spotlight: Creator Ben Hecht

Ben Hecht is a former grade school teacher and founder of Seven Directions Institute, an art school for kids in Santa Cruz, CA. Ben received his Masters degree in elementary education from UC Santa Cruz in 1998. He is also a visual artist. His Great Pyrenees dog Liam is the basis for Lilup and his Savannah Cat, Nickelby Swift, is the like the cat in that story.

"when I taught first grade in '99 I taught a unit on orienteering and I created an alter ego called Dr. Kafruganegel to make it fun for the kids. I had found a safari hat in the school closest so I bought a mustache like the one the inventor has in Nickelby Swift and donned a bad British accent. Only the Kindergartners were fooled, but it made the lesson fun and memorable!"

Ben started VivaBook in May 2010 and wears many hats in the endeavor. He writes many of the stories and oversees the production of the remaining ones. Through early 2012, VivaBook has 20 interactive stories in production, including titles for older kids.

Liam and Ben in the Sidecar

VivaBook Spotlight: Liam AKA Lilup

Liam is just like Lilup! Well, he can't actually fly and swim underwater with dolphins, but he is very gentle and slow. He is now nine years old and shares a home with Gryphon, an African Grey, Nickelby Swift, a Savanah Cat, and Ben. He rides around Mission Beach in a sidecar every week or so and is wildly popular among the local San Diegans. Otherwise, Liam is usually ASLEEP! Click on the video below to see him running along the beach in 2009 to the (revised) Neverending Story song.