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VivaBook- stories brought to life
In this Issue:

- VivaBook Featured by Apple
- Apps Updated to Version 1.04 for iPad 2
- Spotlight on Ilustrator Matthew Vimislik
- Fun Video of the Real Lilup, Nickleby, and Gryphon

VivaBook Apps Have Been Chosen by Apple as NEW & NOTEWORTHY!

This Week, Around the World with Lilup
and Nickelby Swift Are Being
Featured by Apple
VivaBook Featured By Apple on App Store

Lilup is now on the "New and Noteworthy Apps for both iPad and iPhone and Nickelby appears on What's Hot"

They are right on the front page of the App Store!

Lilup and Nickelby are on sale for $1.99 for TWO DAYS to celebrate!

As a result of being featured, Lilup is now in the top 30 Book Apps in the world. Hopefully Lilup can get to the top ten and so many more families can enjoy the sweet, calm character that he is.

Click either app to view it in iTunes

Nickelby Swift, Kitten Catastrophe Around the World with Lilup

Nickelby Swift, Kitten Catastrophe

Nickelby Swift is a zany, playful interactive book for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Nickelby has a penchant for mischief and his efforts to help Dr. Kafruganegel lead to mishap after mishap. The story is filled with fun sound effects and the wonderful voice talent of native Santa Cruzan Ruth Copland. Click HERE to find out more.

Around the World with Lilup

Around the World with Lilup is the ideal bedtime story for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Join Lilup as he floats effortlessly around the globe meeting a motley crew of creatures on each continent. Readers can tilt, touch, and move the iPad to make animals move around in whimsical ways. Lilup has a soothing sound track and the melodious voice of Ruth Copland. Click HERE to find out more.

Click the image above to see the VivaBook video showing the Lilup and Nickelby apps in action!
Newsletter #02
Great Huffington Post Review

Huffington Post has written an extensive thoughtful article about VivaBook. Please see the article here:

Apps for Parents: New Children's Tales by VivaBook are Worth Exploring

"VivaBook ... is a stellar, monumental, modern gem worthy of our attention."
—Greg Archer, Huffington Post

VivaBook Spotlight
Matthew Vimislik - Illustrator

Matt Pic

Matthew is the illustrator of Nickelby Swift, Kitten Catastrophe and several upcoming VivaBook apps.

"“I loved drawing Nickelby Swift because I got to draw some of my favorite things:  Robots gone amok, terrified kittens, and glowing babies. 
It was a joy.”"

Matthew is a member of the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators, and in addition to his commissioned work, he has been featured in Creative Quarterly Magazine.

Matthew illustrated Nickelby Swift and the soon to be released Jabberwocky and Robin Hood VivaBook apps. He is now working on a 3D version of Wizard of Oz that will be AMAZING. Matthew has a thing for ROBOTS!

Check out his artwork here:
Matthew and his pet robot

Version 1.04, iPad 2, and Menus

Version 1.04 of Nickelby Swift and Around the World with Lilup just went live on Mach 29th. If you have an iPad 2 and tried to use the apps, there were some issue. We are glad to announce that those issues have been solved.

We also have had some helpful feedback about the navigation and menus in the apps and are working on an update that should be live in a week.

Thank you for your support and don't forget to update your apps!

Below is a silly home movie of the real Liam (Lilup), Nickelby Swift and Gryphon playing together.