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March 30th
Former School teacher and His Dog Take Reading to New Heights

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CBS Segment: Nickelby and Lilup Walk

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VivaBook in the News

VivaBook Featured on CBS News February 2012. "On the Cat Walk" - all about the real dog and cat behind the characters of Lilup and Nickelby Swift.

Watch them go on their walk together!
Click to See Video.

CBS News Covers VivaBook (VIDEO)

VivaBook Featured on Front Page of Apple App Store in "New and Noteworthy and "What's Hot"
. Lilup ranked in the Top 25 iPad and iPhone Books.

VivaBook Featured on Front Page of App Store in New and Noteworthy and What's Hot

Lilup ranked number
13 in App Store

Apps for Parents: New Children's Tales by VivaBook Are Worth Exploring


"VivaBook ... is a stellar, monumental, modern gem worthy of our attention."
—Greg Archer, Huffington Post

Review of Lilup
Children's App Reviews

"Lilup is hands-down one of the prettienest apps we've ever seen."

Review of Nickelby Swift
Children's App Reviews

"Nickelby Swift, Kitten Catastrophe’ is a full-featured interactive book with a fun story full of things happening in all the scenes."

Review of Around the World with LilupDIGITALSTORYTIME.COM
iPad Book Reviews

"As a digital book, this one is a delightful read. It is especially nice for bedtime, with relaxing background music and a gentle story."

Review of Nickelby Swift
iPad Book Reviews

"Nickelby Swift is full of engaging interactivity, funny illustrations and has a well-crafted story.".

Quality Children's Literature Meets High Tech

"these are stories of a journey, a message, beautifully illustrated and interactive in a way that engages the child in reading and entering into the journey. They are highly kinetic --engaging sight, sound and touch-- and foster imagination and literacy."

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